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We are a comprehensive wickerwork company which manufacture a lot of products in scope willow coffins, basketware and woodwork products. All our products are handcrafted from natural, Eco-friendly materials.

The high level weaving skills of our craftsmen have been passed down from generation to generation. With rich experience, we have always been producing high quality coffins, which have accumulated customers from all over the world for us.

Our Offer
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Eco production

Our products

The wicker coffins are 100% environmentally friendly products. Each of them is the perfect choice for natural burials, woodland burials, green funerals and cremations. We guarantee the highest quality because all our products are based on years of experience and take every detail seriously. We also participate in the funeral products expo held in European and American countries,discuss the trend of Eco coffins with funeral experts and listen to customers' feedback, so many of our solutions are innovative.


Our raw materials

Willow coffins are produced from Shandong wicker planted in my hometown. It is recorded that wicker has been planted here for more than 300 years. We believe that our coffins are the ultimate in environmental recycling as willow is a highly renewable crop harvested each year which involves minimal processing. It can degrade rapidly in the soil and helps to lock carbon emissions into its willow stems. We process the willow in three ways. In addition, there have local natural materials such as bulrush, corn skin and bamboo to choose from.   

White willow

The wicker we harvest in June every year is white willow. Soak it in a special pool or natural water tank to peel the skin of wicker. After drying, this wicker got a natural white color.


Buff willow

The wicker we collected at the end of December every year . Soak it in a special pool or natural water tank to peel the skin of wicker. After drying, this wicker got a little natural pink and golden look.


Chestnut willow

The wicker we collected at the end of December every year is also soaked, peeled and dried. Put the dry wicker into the boiler and steam for 4-5 hours. The temperature is above 100 degrees C. After cooling, the wicker becomes natural chestnut color.



Bulrush is a natural sustainable weaving material, similar in appearance to seagrass, so it is perfect for those wishing to choose a seagrass coffin. It belongs to a kind of aquatic plant, which is distributed on the bank of Shandong River. In August, when the leaf stem reaches 2 meters, it can be harvested as the material for weaving coffins.


Corn Skin

The shell of corns planted locally is natural warm white, so the shell of corns must be peeled manually to maintain its complete skin, and then made into a round rope or plait shape to produce coffins with elegant appearance.



The bamboo selected for making our coffins is coming from the species Phyllostachus Pubescens. Its growth rate of 3 - 10 cm per day but in good conditions grow up to nearly a metre per day. Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource. It is 100% natural and completely biodegradable. When it's harvested it does not need to be replanted as it will grow a shoot from its extensive root system.


All of the above processes take place under natural conditions, without the use of any chemicals.


High quality

The weaving tradition in Shandong has a history more than 300 years. With the superb skills and rich experience passed down from generation to generation,we have always been producing high quality coffins. At present, we have 20 fixed families weaving coffins in factories.


Solid wood

Flat solid plywood bottom, the price is economical base on strong load. You can also choose natural pine wood and paulownia wood, chemical free – is used to make innovative bottoms of the coffins.


Wooden frame

There has a solid wooden frame strurty interior, with no metal fittings at all, and rope handles are attached to the inner frame for adding strength.


Row cotton

100% natural, fully ecological cotton, from which we make our cotton liners, cover sheet, pillow and the lids of our coffins.

Natural dyes

Individual approach

We offer the greatest variety of products in China.

Each type of coffin can be made of 3 basic kinds of willow: white willow, buff willow and chestnut willow or any combination of these three. We can modify coffins according to client orders and use different technical solutions. We produce 17000 pcs coffins a year and export them to all parts of the world.

Our primary competitive advantages is good quality approvals with best price, small orders accepted and excellent customer service.

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